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D O R A N   T A Y L O R   I N C .

Established in 1987, Our goal at Doran Taylor has always been to design environments that reflect the individual personality of each client while guiding their understanding to greater heights.  We are inspired by the diversity of that clientele and the adventure that presents itself in each project. Whether remodeling an existing structure or beginning from the ground up, our objective is to create relaxing, comfortable and inviting spaces in which to live and entertain.

P A U L   T A Y L O R
D O R A N    T A Y L O R
M I C H A E L    T A Y L O R

Paul is a true product of his environment. His aesthetic can be attributed to being raised in a design oriented home and working for Doran Taylor for 15 years. He has developed an eye for good, classic design with a love for quality product and an appreciation for all good design. Paul has a Bachelor’s Degree in sociology from the University of Utah and has also studied design at LDS Business College.

Doran began his career in design in the fall of 1978 at Clark Leaming, graduating that same year from Brigham  Young University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design.  He continued at the firm for 9 years as buyer and manager of their residential division.

In 1987 he opened Doran Taylor Incorporated. Over the years he has designed and executed residential  and executive commercial projects throughout the United States and Mexico.

Inspiration for his design aesthetic is derived from great art and architecture as well as quality materials and craftsmanship from throughout the ages.

Being raised in a design focused home had a profound effect on Michael's interest in design. Throughout high school and college he assisted in design installations and studied design at LDS Business College.  Years of exposure to good design and fine craftsmanship have honed his appreciation of the elements of design.  His approach is current yet classic.

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